Our Dance Professionals Don’t Miss A Beat

Learn basic tap steps or advanced tap routines

Do your kids love listening to music and dancing around the house? Have they expressed an interest in taking dance classes? If yes, visit us at MJ Studios. Our expert dance teacher will prep your little ones for a fulfilling dance career. We teach tap basics and offer technique classes for advanced performers. Call 406-281-1825 to learn more about class rates and availability.

Get in step with fellow dance enthusiasts

Get in step with fellow dance enthusiasts

MJ Studios provides a variety of exciting tap options. Join us for:

  • Tiny Taps (ages 3-5)
  • Beginner classes (ages 6-10)
  • Intermediate classes (ages 10-14 with three-four years of dance experience)
  • Advanced classes (ages 14-18 with five or more years of dance experience)
  • Adult classes (beginner and advanced classes available)

Feel the rhythm, and experience the joy of tap!